Where To Eat In Portland, Oregon

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Portland, Oregon is widely known for their culture, people, and terrific farm-to-table cuisine. Traveling to Portland soon? Check out this list of where to eat in Portland, Oregon. Trust me, you won’t believe what my top choices are! Ready? Lets go!

Not much of a reader? Watch this Portland food crawl video I made and munch along with me instead (=

Pine State Biscuits

Pine State Biscuits is best known for their biscuits and gravy combo. There is nothing like a good biscuit sandwich loaded with fried chicken and a good serving of veggies. They even make their own biscuits and serve bomb sweet tea! You cannot go to Portland and not eat some old fashion biscuits. Yummmm.

pine-state-biscuits-portland pine-state-biscuits-portland pine-state-biscuits-portland

Blue Star Donuts

When it comes to donuts, it is no surprise that Portland has plenty of options. Blue Star smashes the game with their superior decor and endless arrays of donut selection. Maple bacon? Blueberry Bourbon Basil?  The “O.G”? YUP. Wicked unique flavors that I am sure you have never heard of before. So go and grab yourself a donut (or two) and comment below if you have been or plan to check out Blue Star Donuts!

blue-star-donuts-portland blue-star-donuts-portland blue-star-donuts-portland blue-star-donuts-portland blue-star-donuts-portland

Tasty & Alder

Calling all potatoe lovers. You are going to go CRAZY over this spot. With all the many options available, it might be hard narrowing down your options of where to eat in Portland.

Luckily for you, Yelp has made it incredibly easy to figure out where to spend your precious time (and money). With over hundreds of reviews, Tasty & Alder easily makes it on this list.

They serve up delicious potato doughnuts, potatoes bravas, and frittatas served directly on a skillet. Winning? I think yes. They even offer standing benches so you can eat and digest in peace. Your tummy will thank you later.

tasty-and-alder-portland tasty-and-alder-portland tasty-and-alder-portland tasty-and-alder-portland tasty-and-alder-portland tasty-and-alder-portland tasty-and-alder-portland tasty-and-alder-portland

Screen Door

Come hungry (and early) and leave happy. My advice is to snag a spot at their bar so you can get a nice display of their open kitchen and glaze at the bartender as they whip up thirst quenching drinks. They have this specific deal on their menu called the “screen door plate” that allows you to choose any three side dishes. Allow your taste buds to go wild, my friends.


screen door plate with Mac & cheese, gumbo, and catfish.

screen-door-portland screen-door-portland

Kizuki Ramen

If you find yourself stuck shivering in Portland, head on over to Kizuki Ramen and get yourself a nice warm bowl of ramen. It does not hurt that the interior of this joint is freaken spectacular.

Kizuki-ramen-portland Kizuki-ramen-portland Kizuki-ramen-portland Kizuki-ramen-portland Kizuki-ramen-portland Kizuki-ramen-portland

Shut Up And Eat

Searching for a sandwich spot to kill that late night craving? Search no more. Make your way to this spot and simply Shut Up And Eat. They serve sliders, soups, handmade chips, and even onion rings! It is as if a diner and a sandwich spot joined forces and created a masterpiece. 


PHOTO CREDIT: @eatsdrinksrepeats. Check them out on Instagram for more food goodness.

Cloud City Ice Cream

Classic flavors, unique flavors, in a cup or on a cone, Cloud City Ice Cream will satisfy any sweet tooth. My favorite? Earl grey!

The Common Brewery

You cannot, I repeat, CANNOT go to Portland and not try their booze. Common brewery is dishing out beer like no other. With an impressive selection of choices, you might have a difficult time deciding what to get. But no worries, you can settle with their flights! For only $10, you can snag yourself four delicious choices off of their menu. SCORE!

the-common-brewery-portland the-common-brewery

The Growler Guys

Not a beer type of person? Head on over to Growler Guys for their incredible selection of CIDER. I love me a good cider, and boy did Growler Guys satisfy my thirst.


pinkys up

the-growler-guys-portland the-growler-guys-portland the-growler-guys-portland the-growler-guys-portland

Alright, munchers. Thats a wrap on this spectacular food crawl through Portland. I’ve introduced to you some great joints on this list and I hope you find yourself at one of these spots in the near future. Thank you a ton for reading through to the end. You rock!


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As always, happy munching friends.