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Taste San Diego

San Diego is one of the prettiest places you can visit (and probably want to move to). The beaches are gorgeous, the weather is superb, and the food is just impeccable. On a recent trip to San Diego, I was on a mission to track down the best food spots I could find. Here are my top 3 San Diego food destinations on a budget.

1. Bobboi Ice Cream

I am a sucker for ice cream, vegan or not. So when i discovered Bobboi on Yelp with its flawless 5 stars I had to give it a try. I ordered a small cup with charcoal vanilla & moka. Anything charcoal always fascinates me…even charcoal face wash, so I was pretty curious what it was doing in ice cream. Luckily for me (and you) its just in the title used to describe the color of the ice cream. PHEW! The charcoal vanilla was a solid vanilla bean taste, but I probably would not get it again since it was just an ordinary vanilla bean flavor.

The moka was pretty darn good, and was worth trying if you are a coffee lover (who isn’t?!). The star of the show was the mango flavor. Mango anything is just epic. It was rich in flavor and not too overly sweet. The fact that it is VEGAN just blows my mind. If you are someone who does not eat diary, I highly recommend you check this place out!

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BUDGET TIP: Get the smallest size offered so that you can try more flavors and share with your party!

the top 3 food destinations in San Diego travel guide

the top 3 food destinations in San Diego

mountain of moka goodness

2. Ohana Cafe

Ohana Cafe has COCONUT RICE! Never tried it before? Yeah, me neither. It is worth the try and is a change to the standard white rice that comes with rice plates. We ordered the chicken katsu and the shrimp rice plates. The chicken katsu was not the typical flaky type of batter I was use to, but it was very delicious. We also ordered the spam masubi which was a crowd pleaser! Overall it was a nice, quick, and affordable stop before heading down to the beach! P.s they even serve shaved ice!

top 3 food destinations in San Diego travel guide

Chicken katsu rice plate

top 3 food destinations in San Diego travel guide

top 3 food destinations in San Diego travel guide

spam masubi


This is the JUMBO shave ice from Ohana Cafe in La Jolla

3. The Taco Stand

top 3 food destinations in San Diego travel guide

Two words: SHRIMP TACOS (CAMARON). Holy smokes. By far the best little pockets of greatness I have ever had. The shrimp was nicely seasoned, grilled, and tender…tender? Juicy? Not sure how to describe perfect shrimp. They are also very generous with the toppings (avocado, cabbage, & tomatoes). The CAMARON was so good we decided to order a second round of it. Being a Bay Area nation, I have had my fair share of tacos. Despite this, the taco stand was the best hidden gems I have ever come across!

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A few pictures from my trip below. This was our first family trip in a long…long while. Our feet had not touched ocean waters in years and it felt simply magical. I highly recommend checking out Scripps beach and taking a nice stroll along the beach! It was truly breathtaking.




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