Happy new year friends! Its been a hectic couple of weeks but I managed to squeeze in one last trip in 2017. Here are my travel photos from my recent trip to San Luis Obispo. This small little town holds such a sweet spot in my heart and I can never stop raving about it! If you have never visited before, I highly recommend you venture there on your next California getaway and be sure to stop by Avila beach to catch the sunset!

San Luis obispoI always find myself venturing off to Avila beach every chance I get whenever I am in SLO. It has such an epic overlook to the water and makes for the perfect sunset shot! Check out Eric honing in on his photo skillzzz

San Luis obispo

The dock spans out pretty far and is definitely worth the walk across (=
San Luis obispo

Theres even a beach area where you can pitch up a beach blanket and tan under the golden sun.San Luis obispoMy dream beach cabin would look a little something like this.San Luis obispo All of the houses along the strip are SO photo worthy and look super vintage too.San Luis obispo San Luis obispo  San Luis obispo  San Luis obispo
San Luis obispo  San Luis obispo  San Luis obispo As you can see, I travel everywhere with this backpack.San Luis obispo  San Luis obispo  San Luis obispo  San Luis obispo  San Luis obispo
San Luis obispo
San Luis obispo  San Luis obispo  San Luis obispo

Every time I leave SLO, I leave behind a little piece of my heart. I only have happy memories here and will always be reminded of merry thoughts. I hope you find your happiest here as well!

Thanks for stopping by and happy travels friends (=

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January 7, 2018