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Amami Sushi

amami sushi

Despite being surrounded by so many fantastic Japanese restaurants in San Francisco, great sushi is still hard to find. I have tried many Japanese restaurants, but have never truly been blown away by any of them. The search for the best sushi in the Bay Area was beginning to feel hopeless. Then, I came across Amami. Located in Millbrae, just a short drive south of San Francisco, Amami offers high quality sushi that will leave you longing for more. Here is my full review!

the best sushi in the Bay Area

Romeo and Juliet Roll

the best sushi in the Bay Area

Oyster spoons

the best sushi in the Bay Area


Eric and I must have beat the crowd because moments after being seated and placing our order, there was a line that slowly started to form. HENCE, I strongly advise making reservations ahead of time.

We ordered the Omakase to share, which was more than enough! Though I had no idea what type of fish was what, other than the salmon and tuna, it was all very delicious!

We also ordered the OYSTER SPECIAL which is oyster with tobiko, uni, and quail egg. One order has two spoons which is perfect for two people to share. The ROMEO AND JULIET roll melted in my mouth, seriously.

Amami also serves the basic sushi rolls that you would find in any sushi restaurant. We got the Rock and Roll, which was the BEST BASIC EEL roll I ever had. We also got the Negi Hamachi which was plain jane, but sometimes simplicity is all you really need.

The presentation of the the entrees was nice and elegant, yet not too over the top. What I love about Amami is the atmosphere and overall vibe. Even though there was a long wait, we never felt rushed to hurry and finish our food. It left such a lasting impression that I am thinking of the next time I will be back.

If you are traveling to the Bay Area, be sure to check Amami out!

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