twin peaks San Francisco

there will always come a time in your life where you face a situation, or event that you dread, but one which you must overcome and go through. this moment has finally come for me and I’ve been dreading it for awhile now.

today I flew across the country, moved into a new state, and am about to start my nursing program. this day has been long awaited, yet theres no excitement in my heart. I’m sadden that I’m so far away from home and am constantly doubting my decision.

is where you are heading in life, truly where you want to go?

to overcome fears, doubts, and self hesitation, I must face this next phase in life with nothing but confidence. I know this isn’t a post about food or travel, but its what I am going through in life and I owe you all that much.

I’ve decided to focus more on self growth this year, that includes growing my blog on a different level. I want to incorporate more post about self love and individuality- what you can do for your body and mind (not just your appetite) to life fuller and happier. I hope this helps shapes my blog into what I envision it to become one day.

if you’re struggling with some sort of change in your life, id love to hear about it in the comments!

as always, ty for stopping by