Sparkling Matcha Lattes At Andy Town Coffee Roasters

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Andys Coffee In San Francisco

Andy Town

Calling all coffee lovers. How long has sparkling water been an actual thing?! Here at Andy Town, they add sparkling water to their drinks! What?! I have never ever been a fan of sparkling water to be perfectly honest. Fizzy water just does not make much sense to me. So I was a bit skeptical trying it in my coffee.

Andys Coffee In San FranciscoANDY HOUSE CAFE

This location is the one in the sets aka the sunset. Its such a gem and a hole in the wall! literally…there are no tables or seats. The store itself is pretty narrow and is more of a grab and go type of vibe.

Andys Coffee In San Francisco Andys Coffee In San Francisco Andys Coffee In San Francisco

We stopped by roughly an hour before closing and their pastry selection was almost sold out! I would have bought one to try but I’m not a huge fan of pastries )=

Andys Coffee In San Francisco

This is the snowy plover. that cream on top is so unique! The worker whipped it up real quick! I also love how open the kitchen area is and being able to see everything from behind the counters.

Andys Coffee In San Francisco Andys Coffee In San Francisco

Here is the matcha latte with sparkling water! Let me start off by saying I have tasted nothing like this before. ever. it was so interesting! I was expecting more of a creamy consistency as that is what I am use to for all matcha lattes, but this one tasted very light. You can def taste the fiz!

I can see why Andy Town is so raved about. It is very unique in its own style. Be sure to check it out!


Happy munching, friends.

September 6, 2017