Koi Palace Dim Sum San Francisco Food Guide

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Koi Palace In San Francisco Food Guide

Dim Sum

Dim Sum can be found in all neighborhoods in San Francisco. The most popular of the many is Koi Palace, located in Daly City (fog central). They serve the typical dishes that we all know and love and evenΒ have actual koi fish tanks! Neat aye.

Koi Palace In San Francisco Food Guide

Koi Palace In San Francisco Food Guide

Food Guide In San Francisco Food Guide

Koi Palace In San Francisco Food Guide

My Experience

It was my first time stopping by here and I had only heard great things about Koi Palace. I ordered the special clam dish which you have to special order since it is not on the menu )= You honestly can not go wrong with this dish at any dim sum restaurant and they def nailed it here! The clams were soft and tender, and the glass noodles added a nice texture appeal.

Everything else we ordered was spot on. I do recommend coming early though because it gets very busy! If you are a party of two, however, it might be a shorter wait. Overall I had a great experience here and left with a very happy tummy. mmm.

Why I Love Dim Sum

What I love about the “dim sum” experience is being about to share quality food with those around you. It is a time for story telling and tea sipping. If you happen to be traveling anywhere in the Bay Area, be sure to make a stop at any of the dim sum joints throughout the city! And if you happen to stop by Koi Palace, you might just run into me there (=

You can check out more Β reviews of Koi Palace here:Β https://www.yelp.com/biz/koi-palace-daly-city

I hope you found this review and food guide helpful.

Thanks for reading + happy munching!