How To Pop Your Own Popcorn

Hey munchers! In honor of national popcorn day, I thought I would share probably the EASIEST recipe you can find on the internet: POPCORN. Hope you enjoy!

(no brainer) INGREDIENTS

  • KERNEL –Β 1 cup of kernels will make you roughly 3 cups of popcorn fun
  • OIL (1 TSP) – olive, avocado, coconut, whatever you have will work!
  • LARGE POT – like the size your grandma would make chicken soup in lol

(no brainer) STEPS

  1. Start by measuring out your kernels in a small bowl
  2. In the pot, throw in 2-3 kernels and 1 TSP of oil. Turn on the stove at medium-high heat (not too high because you do not want to burn your kernels!!)
  3. THE WAITING GAME BEGINS…once your 2-3 kernels POP! this indicates that your oil is ready for action
  4. Throw in your measured kernels and swirl the pot around ensuring that all of the kernels are coated with the oil
  5. Once the intervals narrow down to 2-3 seconds between pops, turn off your stove and allow the popcorn to COOL DOWN COMPLETELY!! … or be very careful while opening the lid if you are a rebel and can’t wait to get your fingers on the popcorn (guilty)
how to make your own popcorn

Mary’s side notes that you should read:

  • you can choose your fav kernel or whichever you can find in your local grocery market. I love the one from Trader Joe’s and find their prices to be the cheapest in the market!
  • how long it takes to pop your kernels really depends on your stove and the temperature. it generally takes roughly 4-5 minutes, so DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT, ever leave your stove unattended. this can easily lead to burning your popcorn…and who wants that )=
  • lastly, be sure to season your kernels for taste. I loveeee chili powdered popcorn. seriously my weakness. give it a try if you have not tried it before!

I hope you enjoyed this post and that it inspires you to go make your own popcorn at home for your next movie night or possibly study session??

Happy munching and thank you for reading this far!