Guide To Having A Balanced Diet

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Guide To Having A Balanced Diet

A Balanced Diet Leads To A Happier Life

Guide To Having A Balanced Diet

Having a balanced diet is key to living a fuller and happier life. This might sound extreme, but it is true. Being completely satisfied with yourself stems from what you directly put into your bodies. You  truly are what you eat. For me, I find it hard sometimes sticking to a strict diet schedule, but by incorporating new foods and eating eat out once in awhile, this allows me to have a healthier relationship with food. Here are some of my tips, in no particular order, to acquire a more balanced diet!


1 The Truth Behind A “Cheat Meal”

I personally do not believe in cheat meals. Cheat meals essentially give you permission to eat unhealthy foods. For example, no one would ever call a plate of broccoli a “cheat meal.” Having a balanced diet does not mean allowing yourself cheat meals or constricting your days to “cheat days”. Having a balanced diet is about enjoying what you love, in moderation and having the self control to say “no” occassionally. This leads me to point #2.


2 Do Not Tell Yourself “NO”

If there is a type of food that you absolutely love and would not mind eating everyday, it might not  be in your best interest to consume this everyday. For me, I love dark chocolate above anything. I know that I cannot eat this everyday (even though I gladly would). Instead of telling myself that I cannot have chocolate, I tell myself that I can chocolate tomorrow, or next week. Giving myself mental preparation of this anticipation allows me to have something to look forward to. If I tell myself that I “cannot” have chocolate, this gives me restriction and maybe even frustration. So the next time you come across something you love to eat that may be unhealthy, just remind yourself that you CAN have it, just not today, but tomorrow. Chances are you will forget about it.


3 Choose Color, Always

One of the key factors that go into adopting a balanced diet is by choosing colorful foods. The more color, the better. Often, the most colorful foods are the ones that are healthiest for you. Leafy greens, tomatoes, bell peppers, beets ect. are all extremely colorful. Go out and find something colorful and try to incorporate it into each and every meal you eat. Just a small amount goes a long way.


4 Portion Control

Depending on your work and your schedule, spreading out your meals might be difficult. By controlling your portions, and splitting your meals into small portions, this ensures that you are not overeating. A common problem that many people face when trying to eat clean or eat a balanced diet, is that they have no time to portion control or cook for themselves. It is a lifestyle change, but one that is worth it. If you are new to meal prepping or meal planning, you can check out my meal planning guide here. It will help you get started with how to start cooking at home more and eating out less. I generally like to eat every 3 hours, each meal being small portions. This allows me to have a sufficient amount of energy throughout the day and keep sme constantly full.

5 Try New Foods

My last tip is to try new foods! This is essentially important if you are the type of person who eats the same types of food every week, week after week. Change things up a bit from time to time. Try new flavors and spices like turmeric or quinoa! New foods keeps your taste buds alive and adds new minerals to your body (:


Those are all of the tips I have to having a balanced diet. The key is understanding exactly what your body needs, what it has, and what you can do to make it performing great. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful!

Thank you for reading and happy munching!

Xo, M


August 16, 2017