Fun At Fort Funston

  • mary

Fort Funston

Greetings! I wanted to share my Fort Funston pictures with all you travel bugs out there. Fort Funston is one of those beaches in the Bay Area that no one really talks about but is such a gem! Its quite a long way down to the actual beach, but the effort is oh so worth it.

Fun At Fort FunstonΒ Once you get down to the beach, you can choose anywhere along the beach to camp out. Be sure to bring a nice towel to lay out…and chips to munch on hehe

Eric and I decided to camp out right in front where the walkway finished. This was a hit and miss for us because it was the cleanest area but there were so many dogs running around everywhere. Luckily it was not a windy day, so all the sand was not flying around.Β 

If you decide to come to Fort Funston, be sure to check the weather first! On a nice day, this beach is amazing. However, on a cold day, it is better to stay away. )= There are tons of parking spots by the way, and the park itself is very dog friendly. If you decide to not walk down to the beach, you can still enjoy the lovely view from up top!

Happy munching friends!






September 6, 2017