Charm Thai Eatery San Mateo Food Guide

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Charm Thai Eatery In San Francisco

Charm Thai Eatery San Francisco

Charm Thai Eatery In San Francisco

The cutest Thai restaurant I have been far. Its a classic hole in the wall joint that looks like nothing special from the exterior. But I have learned to never judge a restaurant by their front door. I was surprised by the life and ambiance that emitted from inside. Here is my full review and experience (:

When it comes to Thai food, the classic PAD THAI and THAI FRIED RICE are a must at any Thai restaurant. I always tell myself to “try something new”…but we all know how that ends up. You try it. Hate it. Regret it, and wished you just stuck to what you know. Anyone else experience this problem??

All pad Thai dishes tend to look the same…but trust me….there is a lot of art and dedication that goes into cooking the perfect pad Thai noodle texture that we all know and love dearly. Charm Thai Eatery got it oh so right. The texture of the perfect pad Thai has to be chewy enough for nice texture but not too chewy that your jaw begins to get tired.

HEALTH TIP:Β Since Thai food can be on the oily side, I suggest splitting up the portion and eat until you are full- never force feeding myself to finish the meal! And be sure to drink plenty of water + tea (my fav is earl gray) to cleanse your system!

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I definitely enjoyed my experience here and have such a love for hole in a wall joints. If you are in the area, I highly suggest checking out Charm Thai Eatery!

I hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for reading!

Happy Munching!