• Best Korean Restaurant in San Francisco

    Best Korean Restaurant In San Francisco – Travel Guide

    Wang Dae Bak If you find yourself in San Francisco craving some good Korean food…well look no further! Wang Dae Bak is where its at. It has been on my go-to list for SO LONG. I finally had a chance to check this place out and boy was it a hit. Even though Eric and I arrived only minutes after opening, there was still a line that formed! Luckily we managed to snag the last available table! Every table is nicely divided, so we were not back to back against our neighbor. This gave us so much privacy and space to enjoy our meal in peace (= The menu itself is…

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  • Rise & Grind in SF

    10 Underrated Coffee Joints in San Francisco

    Coffee Houses For all my coffee lovers traveling to San Francisco, you are in for a treat! I’m bringing you not one, not two, but TEN of my top coffee joints that you need to check out. All of these top picks are my local favorites and are all very UNDERRATED! Why do I prefer underrated cafes as compared to hyped joints? The service. The vibes. Everything is different! Plus…coffee from local shops are so much less expensive. And for all my instagram lovers out there, don’t worry, I threw in a few gems that are #instaworthy. Alongside each cafe, I list what I find unique about them (= Ya…

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  • Fun At Fort Funston

    Fort Funston Greetings! I wanted to share my Fort Funston pictures with all you travel bugs out there. Fort Funston is one of those beaches in the Bay Area that no one really talks about but is such a gem! Its quite a long way down to the actual beach, but the effort is oh so worth it.  Once you get down to the beach, you can choose anywhere along the beach to camp out. Be sure to bring a nice towel to lay out…and chips to munch on hehe Eric and I decided to camp out right in front where the walkway finished. This was a hit and miss…

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  • Mission Edge Cafe

    Best Brunch In The Mission

     Mission Edge Cafe I discovered this gem recently while browsing yelp in search of the ultimate brunch spot. It was labor day weekend and coincidentally the hottest weekend EVER in San Francisco. Since we were already close by to the Mission area, we decided to go to Mission Edge Cafe. The cafe puts a nice wicked twist on the traditional American style brunch. They offer Mexican fusion inspired dishes, as well as traditional American breakies like pancakes and eggs! The veggie burger was incredibly filling! And for the price, you cannot beat it. I have had my fair share of veggie burgers, and love everything about it! Every restaurant does…

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  • Andys Coffee In San Francisco

    Sparkling Matcha Lattes At Andy Town Coffee Roasters

    Andy Town Calling all coffee lovers. How long has sparkling water been an actual thing?! Here at Andy Town, they add sparkling water to their drinks! What?! I have never ever been a fan of sparkling water to be perfectly honest. Fizzy water just does not make much sense to me. So I was a bit skeptical trying it in my coffee. This location is the one in the sets aka the sunset. Its such a gem and a hole in the wall! literally…there are no tables or seats. The store itself is pretty narrow and is more of a grab and go type of vibe. We stopped by roughly…

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  • mori point trail

    Exploring Mori Point Trail, San Francisco Trails

    Hi everyone! I’m bringing ya another post about traveling in San Francisco! Labor day weekend was the hottest weekend that San Francisco has ever experienced. With so many different trails and hikes to choose from, I decided to check out Mori Point Trail. I was surprised that I never came here before, for the views are absolutely stunning!  The trail itself is short with pavements that are easy to walk on. It leads you straight down to a secure and private beach area. The beach seemed very low key and despite the weather being absolutely hot, there were not too many people! there are many MANY shady areas and nice…

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  • sf secret spots

    San Francisco Guide to Exploring Fort Mason

    Fort Mason I often find myself wandering the Fort Mason in San Francisco mostly on summer days, even though the weather is pretty much the same year round. Particularly in the summer-time, there are SO MANY events that go on. From exploring food trucks, to spontaneous musical concerts, the Fort Mason is a gem that travelers need to check off their bucket list! It is also a fantastic spot to take some great pictures without the crowds of people. Here, I have compiled a mini guide to exploring and making the most out of your Fort Mason experience! Hope you enjoy! TRANSPORTATION If you are traveling to San Francisco without…

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  • Me So Hungry San Francisco Food Truck

    San Francisco Tour de Fat In The Fort Mason

    Tour de Fat The Tour de Fat is an annual event that celebrates beer, bikes, and bemusement…all of which I am not entirely interested me. Heh…nonetheless, Eric won tickets to the event (he never wins anything!) and we decided to give it a go. We were not entirely sure what to expect and came in with an open mind. There was food and many beer booths, but none of which really kept our attention for long. If you are into beer and all the wackiness that comes with costume and circus like ambiance, you would fit right in. Unfortunately, it just was not the event for us. We still left…

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  • best way to see San Francisco

    Cruising Under San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge

    Hornblower Cruise Having lived in San Francisco my entire life, there is so much of San Francisco I have not seen. For starters, lets talk about CRUISES. I have only ever been on a boat a number of times in my life, but have never truly taken in the amount of beauty that lives in the city. I was lucky enough to accompany my boyfriend Eric this past weekend on the Hornblower cruise in San Francisco, which cruises under the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge as well as the Bay Bridge. It. Was. Epic. It was the first time I had ever been on the Hornblower cruise and I really…

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  • San Francisco Off The Grid Food Truck Travel Guide

    San Francisco’s Off The Grid Food Trucks – Budget Food Guide

    I have been going to San Francisco’s Off The Grid for many years now. If you are not sure what Off The Grid is, it is a weekly event in San Francisco that brings out different food trucks for locals and tourists to dive into. Though there are some key players who make their appearance every week, there is also a constant flood of new food trucks that spark up interest and appeal. Whether it is your first time or hundredth time, you will be sure to find something new to try at your next Off The Grid visit! i have compiled my top tips to tackling your Off The…

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