Best Brunch In The Mission

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Mission Edge Cafe

Β Mission Edge Cafe

Mission Edge Cafe


I discovered this gem recently while browsing yelp in search of the ultimate brunch spot. It was labor day weekend and coincidentally the hottest weekend EVER in San Francisco. Since we were already close by to the Mission area, we decided to go to Mission Edge Cafe. The cafe puts a nice wicked twist on the traditional American style brunch. They offer Mexican fusion inspired dishes, as well as traditional American breakies like pancakes and eggs!

Mission Edge Cafe

The veggie burger was incredibly filling! And for the price, you cannot beat it. I have had my fair share of veggie burgers, and love everything about it! Every restaurant does it differently and is unique in its own way. I especially love how simple and wholesome the veggie burger from Mission Edge was. It tasted very raw and clean!

Mission Edge Cafe

If you are traveling to San Francisco and plan to make a stop in the outer Mission district, be sure to check this place out (=

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Happy munching!

September 6, 2017