A Day In Napa Valley Travel Guide

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A Day In Napa Valley Travel Guide



Napa Valley is one of the most gorgeous places you would probably come across in California. It is specifically unique for its humid summers and endless arrays of vineyards. I love coming here (despite the heat) just to enjoy the view of mountains and vineyards. Napa Valley is also my escape from the bust of the city life. If you’re visiting San Francisco, be sure to schedule a trip to Napa Valley if time permits! You will not regret it.

A Day In Napa Valley Travel Guide

A Day In Napa Valley Travel Guide

secretly dying in 90 degree temperature

A Day In Napa Valley Travel Guide

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If you plan on making a stop at Napa Valley, be sure to book reservations at various vineyards to taste their wines or you can visit different vineyards to take photos, roam, and simply enjoy the nature of the valley. Below you will find my review to one vineyard I visited on my recent trip to Napa Valley, as well as a cute restaurant I highly recommend!

A Day In Napa Valley Travel Guide

Eric and I decided to stop byΒ Domaine CarnerosΒ on our recent trip to Napa Valley. We were DYING in the heat but somehow managed to survive. The wine samples that we ordered were the perfect refresher to cool us off and the cheese plates were a nice touch. Who would have thought that pairing cheese and crackers with apricot jam would be a hit?!


A Day In Napa Valley Travel Guide

Gott’s RoadsideΒ has two locations: one by San Francisco Ferry building and one in Napa Valley Downtown. I ordered the CITRUS & AVOCADO CHOP salad that was layered with spice rubbed chicken, quinoa, tomatoes, red onions and more! + a side of pesto & sweet potato fries. I call this balance.

The salad was pretty good and very flavorful because of the spiced chicken. The addition of avocado and tangerines gave texture and color to what could have been a basic salad. I have been getting into veggie bowls as of late, so devouring this was ezpz!

If you’re thinking about visiting Napa Valley anytime soon, be sure to hit up these gems or anything other ones close by. If you found this post helpful, please like and share!

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