10 Underrated Coffee Joints in San Francisco

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10 underrated coffee joints in sf

For all my coffee lovers traveling to San Francisco, you are in for a treat! I’m bringing you not one, not two, but TEN of my top coffee joints that you need to check out. All of these top picks are my local favorites and are all very UNDERRATED! Why do I prefer underrated cafes as compared to hyped joints? The service. The vibes. Everything is different!

Plus…coffee from local shops are so much less expensive. And for all my instagram lovers out there, don’t worry, I threw in a few gems that are #instaworthy. Alongside each cafe, I list what I find unique about them (= Ya ready? Lets go!

 Andytown Coffee Roasters  – Sparkling lattes

Andys Coffee In San Francisco

Andys Coffee In San Francisco

Andys Coffee In San Francisco

Andy Town has two lovely locations in the inner and outer sunset district of San Francisco. This spot is unique in that they are serving up sparkling lattes. You heard it right friends. I am not entirely sure when sparkling water added to lattes became a thing, but girl is it interesting! I created an entire post dedicated to Andytown, which you can check out HERE

Cafe Sis  – Korean Sandwiches!

Cafe Sis in San Francisco

What cafe do you know  serves up bugogi sandwiches?! Thats right. You can enjoy your coffee, tea, or lattes as you munch on your tasty sandwich. Win? I think YES! Plus, the decor and seating here is freaky superb! The staffs here are all family which makes this a family bizznizz. I love this! You know you hit gold then you hit a family business. They treat their customers so well. Go show them some loveee!

Home Cafe  – Beautiful Latte Art

Home cafe in San Francisco

When it come to latte art, Home Cafe completely dominates the game. I do not think there is any other cafe that serves up this nice of a cup of coffee. Seriously. Other than that, the atmosphere at both locations is extraordinary. Modern, elegant, and very homey! You have to check this place out if you’re into killer decor. You can check out my full review of home cafe HERE

Never Too Latte  – Red Velvet Waffles & Unique Latte Flavors

Never Too Latte In San Francisco

Never Too Latte is my absolute favorite cafe in the San Bruno area. I’ve been here so many times! The best part is that they offer free stamp cards! This is pretty rare. Their latte selection is like no other. They also serve up bagels, BREAKFAST BURRITOS (what?!) and…WAFFLES. If this does not convince you to check this place out…then how about CREPES…with NUTELLA. Sold? Thought so. My love for this joint is real and I am more than happy sharing this gem with you all (=

Fifty-Fifty  – Matcha Lattes & Donuts

Trendy, chic, and very #aestheticallypleasing . Plus, they have donuts!! Gah. Though I have to admit Fifty-Fifty is rather TINY and has never little tables, it is worth checking out for a grab and go type of visit.

The Art Bistro – Jumbo Thai Iced Tea

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Top cafes in SF

If you are making your way down to ocean beach or lands ends, you must make a pits stop at The Art Bistro! The service here is incredible! They have sooo many selections of baked foods, snacks, bagels, and their THAI TEA is out of this world. For less than three dollars, you can score yourself a huge cup of tea to devour. YUM.

Royal Ground Coffee  – Study Vibes

Royal Grounds Cafe

If you ask me what my favorite study shop is, it would have to be Royal Ground Coffee. You can camp here for hours surfing the web on their free wifi or reading a good book. There are couches and plenty of tables with huge light shining through their tall windows. They even serve up sandwiches, breakfast plates, and baked goods like APPLE PIE!!

Mellow’s Cafe  – Cheap Bagels

If you happen to find yourself wandering the outer sunset, I hope you wander into Mellow’s Cafe. It is extremely underrated but worth the visit. I love sitting here and chatting away for hours. Plus, if you ever get extremely hungry, you can make your way next door to Grubbin’ (the best sandwich shop in SF!).

Rise & Grind  – Avocado Toast

Rise & Grind in SF

Heading to Golden Gate Park? Then girl do I have a treat for you. Rise & Grind is located right by the entrance of Golden Gate Park. If you are taking public transit, Rise & Grind is located right where the 44 Muni passes. Hop of and enjoy yourself a nice cup of Joe before you wander your way through the park. You won’t regret it!

Blue Danube Coffee House – Best Pecan Bars

Best Pecan Bars in SF

Mexican inspired coffee houses are one of my favorites because of how organic it feels. Not overpriced and not overhyped are my favorite types of cafes. Though a bit more on the older side, Blue Danube still makes a name for itself. They make KILLER  baked goods like homemade cookies and PECAN BARS!

Since you made it this far, I’m throwing in ANOTHER favorite (=

Fog Lifter Cafe – Endless Arrays Of Tables

Come solo or mob in with a group. Fog lifter has so many table and seats that you’ll be sure to snag a table easily. Its VERY rare to see tourist make a stop here for its a true local gem. If you happen to be out of the area, be sure to make yourself feel at home (=

And there you have it my lovely munchers! My top coffee joint picks! For your convenience, I have created a map of all the locations mentioned.

Map of Top Coffee in SF

Other than this list, there are seriously TONS AND TONS of other cafes you can check out.  Do you have a place you think I should check out? Please shoot me a comment below! (=

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As always, thank you for reading and happy munching!

xo, M

September 13, 2017