• How To Pop Your Own Popcorn

    Hey munchers! In honor of national popcorn day, I thought I would share probably the EASIEST recipe you can find on the internet: POPCORN. Hope you enjoy! (no brainer) INGREDIENTS KERNEL –ย 1 cup of kernels will make you roughly 3 cups of popcorn fun OIL (1 TSP) – olive, avocado, coconut, whatever you have will work! LARGE POT – like the size your grandma would make chicken soup in lol (no brainer) STEPS Start by measuring out your kernels in a small bowl In the pot, throw in 2-3 kernels and 1 TSP of oil. Turn on the stove at medium-high heat (not too high because you do not want…

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  • 10 Food Gems You Missed On Your Last Seattle Trip 2018

    Seattle may be rainy, but the food scene makes up for it. Wandering to Seattle this year? Give this food guide a peak before you go and be sure to check out all these delicious food recommendations! PIKE PLACE CHOWDER you cannot leave Seattle until you eat some good old fashion clam chowder. I have to admit…though the line may be horrendous, the warm feels you get when you gobble this down is worth it! SERIOUS PIES If you love pizza, then you gotta check out serious pies. Their selection will surely satisfy everyone in your crowd! CHI MAC Of course I had to throw in a Korean pick. What…

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  • San Luis obispo

    The Happiest City In California – San Luis Obispo

    Happy new year friends! Its been a hectic couple of weeks but I managed to squeeze in one last trip in 2017. Here are my travel photos from my recent trip to San Luis Obispo. This small little town holds such a sweet spot in my heart and I can never stop raving about it! If you have never visited before, I highly recommend you venture there on your next California getaway and be sure to stop by Avila beach to catch the sunset! I always find myself venturing off to Avila beach every chance I get whenever I am in SLO. It has such an epic overlook to the…

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  • San Francisco Le Marais Bakery

    Le Marais Bakery In San Francisco

    Le Marais Bakery Hi all!! It has been awhile since my last post (sorry!!), but today I am back with a super exciting review of Le Marais Bakery in San Francisco. I discovered this French bakery on a recent hangout with one of my girl friends and felt like I stepped foot in France (as if I ever been there ha). It is seriously the cutest little bakery fit for solo eaters or groups. I’ve broken down this review into separate parts for your convenience. Ready? Lets go! FOOD We ordered the classic breakfast boardย which allows you to choose from either 5 or 7 different choices. You have to get…

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  • battery Spencer in San Francisco

    Battery Spencer In San Francisco!

    Battery Spencer Hello everyone! Today I’m sharing pictures of my recent adventure to Battery Spencer. The last time I’ve traveled to Battery Spencer was at least three years ago, yet it brings me incredible thrill every time. Theres nothing like venturing to the top of the peak and looking out into the waters. Directly across of Battery Spencer is a gorgeous view of the Marin Headlands, which you can easily drive to. May these photos inspire you to visit this gem one day! (: I love re-discovering my love for the city and sights like these. The simplicity and joy of just a simple bridge always warms my heart!! Plus,…

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  • twin peaks San Francisco

    The Best Spots In San Francisco For Travel Pics

    Twin Peaks One of the best spots to check for travel pics while you are traveling to San Francisco has got to be Twin Peaks. You CANNOT make a trip to the city without seeing this view for yourself. The cold temperatures will literally take your breath away! The drive there is insanely easy and is a beautiful scenic drive itself. So take your time getting there and be sure to take in that fresh air. Also, I suggest you park where you see the first parking lot- its a lot less crowded there for some reason. You can even climb up the stairs to the peaks for a spectacular…

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  • billy goat hill San Francisco

    San Francisco Photo Diary – Billy Goat Hill

    Billy Goat Hill Billy Goat Hill is widely known for the swing that swings over the hill. Unfortunately (and maybe fortunately) the swing is no longer there )= Even though I didn’t get to see the swing, I found beauty elsewhere and took advantage of the beautiful scenic view of the city. Seriously, just check out these pictures below and tell me they’re not to. die. for. The city is such a big place, and I’m only a small pebble living in it. Below is my photo diary of Billy Goat Hill, where you will find me taking in the winter air while channeling my inner Taylor Swift (if you…

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  • sf cable car

    Exploring Downtown San Francisco – Winter Edition

    I’ve always had a love for downtown, San Francisco. Despite its overcrowded streets and busy attire, its culture and history leaves me in a daze. if you ever find yourself lost in the city, I hope you make your way through the streets of Market and Stockton or squeeze your body pass popcorn stands and musicians playing dope beats on their drums (or buckets). Every street, corner, and alley has its own vibes and thats exactly what makes SF such a dream. You can turn any building into a fantastic work of art. I especially love capturing all the holiday decorations throughout the city. A dope spot to catch a…

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  • San Francisco auto show

    Driving Down Memory Lane

    I attended my first ever car show this past weekend, and it was too good of an experience not to share! I quickly fell madly IN LOVE with all the old school vehicles. ย Seriously…just take a look at these pictures and tell they’re not TO.DIE.FOR… In truth, I’m pretty bias since I have a natural love for old School cars. Where my back to the future fans at?! (= Anyways, just thought I share these lovely pictures with you are and maybe you’ll find yourself attending this show next year! still thinking about this day and cant wait to get one of these bad boys myself in the future.  …

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  • downtown San Francisco

    What To Do In San Francisco During The Winter + Holiday Season

    What To Do In San Francisco During The Winter + Holiday Season   The holiday season in San Francisco is truly magical. Since there are many events that happen throughout the city, you will never run out of things to do and places to see. Whether you are planning a short trip, staying long into the new year, or are a native to the city, this holiday guide will inspire you to go out and seize the city lights! Ready? Lets go! Sneak A Peak At Macy’s SPCA Pet Window Lets kick things off with one of my favorite attraction in downtown, San Francisco:ย MACYS HOLIDAY WINDOW. This is an annual…

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